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Naturopathic Services

What to Expect 

I highly recommend beginning your health journey with a Free Meet and Greet appointment.  This is a 15 minute consultation that can be done in person or online. This is to answer any questions you may have about naturopathic medicine, and to prepare you for your initial visit.

Prior to us meeting, please take the time to fill out the basic questionnaire which will be sent to you upon booking.


Initial Health Assessment – $350


This is an in-depth assessment of your health and the goal is to create a treatment plan for a year. 


  • A health information gathering appointment

  • A scheduled physical assessment

  • Creation of individualized treatment plan

  • A follow up appointment to go over your treatment plan with you 

All follow up consultation appointments, are billed as follows:

  • Treatments - $150

  • Check-ins -  $80

  • Email Prescription - $25*

*based on complaint, some concerns will require an in-person or virtual visit add on

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Open to Student Learning?

Dr. Olivia Chubey, ND accepts student interns.  Patients seeing interns under Dr. Olivia’s supervision are eligible for reduced fee schedules. Please contact for more details, including if a student is undergoing mentorship at this time.

Treatment Options



  • Castor oil Pack application 

  • Constitutional Hydrotherapy


  • Acupuncture session 

  • Acupuncture w/ electrostim 

  • Acupuncture w/ guided Hypnosis 

  • Acupuncture & Cupping Session



  • Location specific cupping treatment 

  • Facial cupping 

  • Full body cupping treatment 

  • Full body Lymphatic treatment 

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Kinesiotaping & Manual Therapy

  • Kinesiotape application 

  • Manual Therapy: trigger point release, range of motion support


Services Highlighted

Popular inquiries (evidence based practice)

  • Detoxes and food sensitivities

  • Allergy and Immune support

  • Athletic support ( muscle recovery, gain and exercise performance) 

  • Study support

  • Weight loss 

  • Libido and Sexual function

  • Hair, skin and nail care

Ordering bloodwork and bloodwork interpretation

  • Pre-fertility and hormonal testing

  • Getting the full picture: insulin, vitamins, full thyroid panel, cortisol

  • In depth explanation of your current bloodwork reports & recommendations on what is missing 

  • I can also order stool, breath, swab and semen tests

Supplement and medication review

  • Are you taking the right and best product for your concern?

  • Are you doing the correct dose?

  • Do you actually have to take it with food? 

  • Checking for interactions

  • Checking for nutrient depletions

  • Is this safe if I’m thinking about getting pregnant?

Pillars of Health Education

  • Sleep hygiene

  • Non-judgmental nutrition counseling 

  • Stress resilience and emotional well-being 

  • Non-judgmental movement and pain relief plans

  • Water

Naturopathic care for Pregnancy and Postpartum

  • Helping with pregnancy concerns for each trimester - nausea, pain, fatigue

  • Assistance with managing health concerns in pregnancy - hypertension, gestational diabetes

  • Safe tea, supplement and medications for pregnancy review

  • Postpartum planning (sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, healing)

Work Desk

Insurance Direct Billing

Dr. Olivia Chubey, ND bills directly to the following insurance companies:

  • Blue cross 

  • Canada Life

  • Canadian Construction workers union

  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance 

  • CINUP 

  • Claimsecure

  • Cowan

  • Desjardins Insurance 

  • First Canadian

  • Greenshield 

  • GroupHEALTH

  • GroupSource 

  • Industrial Alliance 

  • Johnson Inc. 

  • Johnson Group Inc.

  • LiUNA Local 183

  • LiUNA Local 506

  • Manion

  • Manulife 

  • Maximum Benefit

  • OTIP 

  • Sunlife

In order to optimize our ability to work together I recommend scheduling your Initial visit 1-2 months prior to your insurance coverage roll-over.

Lab Testing

I offer routine and specialized lab testing. 

Patient assessment panels, blood work and other laboratory tests provide me with a complete picture of your health.  This allows me to make informed decisions in guiding your case and finding solutions to your health problems. 

Being able to requisition the lab directly also makes the process move faster and more smoothly.  Now you don’t have to go to (or beg) your family doctor to run the tests you feel are necessary. 

All tests requisitioned by a naturopathic doctor are not covered by OHIP, but may be covered by private insurance.  

Test Tubes


Adding a shopping trip for your prescription is not always what you have in mind, as such I have partnered with Fullscript which will ship your prescription directly to your house.  Please note there is a shipping fee associated. 

You do not have to order from my dispensary, you are free to buy your supplements where you wish!!

If you are a patient of mine, click the link below:  

Customized Botanical Blends

Sometimes the market doesn’t have what you need, fear not, this is why I custom compound for my patients.  Prices include taxes, pick up in office.

  • Tea - $20

  • 100 mL Tincture - $30

  • 250 mL Tincture - $75

  • 500 mL Tincture - $100

If you want this product shipped to your house there will be an additional $15 charge.

*Prices may change depending on botanical supply source*

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